What we wear directly affects how we feel, how we perceive ourselves, and how we project ourselves to others. We think not just with our minds, but with our bodies as well. Dressing with intention is a great way to check in with ourselves every morning and start each day with purposeful self expression.


Positive Times is designed and hand-crafted by Danielle & Jami in their Brooklyn studio. Their designs are influenced by the powerful force of confident women, as well as by the connection of mind, body and earth. The jewelry incorporates materials and messages meant to evoke strength, positivity, and healing. Each piece is handmade with these core values in mind.


Positive Times donates a portion of all proceeds to charities and organizations which support women's rights, wellness and empowerment. It's important to us to take a stand and give back to causes and communities which we value. Thank you for supporting our business, and allowing us to continue spreading our message of positivity, support and mindfulness.