Intention Grid Altar Kit Anchor Stone Set

Intention Grid Altar Kit Anchor Stone Set


6 Anchor Crystals

Housed in a Black velvet pouch


These natural elements provide you with the tools to reset your personal energies and vibrations. Use them to set your new intention and call new energies into your space. Light your fire source to awaken your altar and put your intentions into an active state.


Rose Quartz - Promotes Love, Hope & Gentleness

Kyanite - Promotes Loyalty, Communication & Self-Expression

Smoky Quartz - Promotes Stability, Provides Protection & Filters Out Negativity

Amethyst - Promotes Serenity, Insight, & Temperance

Citrine - Promotes Creativity, Decisiveness & Aides in Manifestation

Pyrite - Promotes Assertiveness, Positivity & A Strong Resolve

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